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Purple award plaque: Affirmation of origin and quality


Representatives of nine Serbian wineries, whose individual wines from the competent ministry received the highest mark in the system of geographical origin – K.G.P.K. (controlled geographical origin and quality) – were awarded with the “Purple Plaque” in the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

This is the beginning of a more comprehensive action that the production and market of wines in Serbia should be regulated to the highest standards, and the stamps that will indicate the geographical origin and quality of wine will make easier for buyers to find what they need in the growing offer of domestic and imported wines. As explained by the head of the Viticulture Group of the Ministry of Agriculture, Darko Jakšić, the color of the most valuable stamp in the new system of marking wines with geographical origin in Serbia is violet, because it is the most similar to the color of the most prominent autochthonous grape variety here, Prokupac.

For now, only 20 labels of Serbian wines have the right to carry this stamp, but that number will probably grow rapidly as the law on the geographical origin of wines is put into practice.

Purple award plaque: Affirmation of origin and quality